The Faculty Association for Theology Students, TYT, is one of the student associations at the University of Helsinki and is among the liveliest and oldest. It was founded by imperial decree in 1853.

It is the last remaining faculty association in Finland. For more than 150 years it has served as a place of community and training ground for innumerable people who have later contributed to church and society. Today the work continues. TYT has about 1500 members and it promotes the interests of its members as well as organises various kinds of events and activities. In recent years the association has vigorously expanded its sphere of activity. Church services, excursions, parties, sports and international evenings are examples of TYT at work. TYT is a non-confessional and politically non-aligned promoter of interests for theologians. It also represents its members, especially in various spheres of university politics and unions.

The council of comrades holds the highest decision power in TYT. Every autumn a new council consisting of 20 members is elected with relative vote. All members are entitled to vote and to run for office. The council nominates the board and its assistants. At the meetings the council is responsible for going through and approving the plan of action, passing the budget draft and closing the accounts.

The board has a term of one calendar year. The board is formed in negotiations after the council of comrades has been elected. Every member is allowed to apply for a post in the board. The board is nominated by the council of comrades who also empowers it to wield executive power in the association. The board includes the president, vice-president and from three to eight ministers who are assisted by corresponding secretaries. The board is divided to sections, which include education, employment, communication, ecumenical and international relations, spirituality and culture etc.

The board meets regularly, almost weekly, and is responsible for activities and events. In addition the board observes current development in matters of education and employment and takes the necessary measures to promote the interests of association members. It also is responsible for maintaining contacts with student nations, student organisations, other associations and the Student Union of University of Helsinki, HYY.

Membership & Contact info

You can become a member of TYT via KideApp. The price of the membership is 30€ which you pay on the App. The membership will last for the whole time you study. This link will guide you to the KideApp page where you can buy your membership.  

Membership brings several advantages and helps TYT to develop.

For exchange students membership is FREE.